Meet The Photographers - Blake and Shelby Oliver

Meet The Photographers

"As a young girl I have always loved taking pictures of eveything and everyone around me, as I've grown up that love has turned into a passion. I grew up traveling around different parts of the country and seeing different people interact with one another. Now with my husband by my side we have landed in Charleston West Virgina and we are enjoying every minute of it together."

-Shelby Oliver
"Growing up I didn't want to be an astronaut or save the world, I wanted to be a photographer... the man behind the lense. Ever since my first camera back in high school I have loved not only taking pictures but editing them into something that will stop your heart for a moment and take your breath away. There is nothing like being able to lead people into a beautiful moment they share with a loved one and then capturing it, locking it into history."

-Blake Oliver
Unlike other photography companies we feel that every one of our customers is family. When we arrive at every shoot we are there for you and your guests. For weddings... If you need extra help or another hand we are there for you, we want to make sure your day runs smoothly so that we can get the best pictures possible.

We are a local family business with no red tape and to be honest... we are pretty laid back and relaxed. Running a little late?... Not a problem. Need us to stay a little longer?... Not a problem. Need us to travel?... Not a problem. We are here for you and we want you to be 100% satisfied with your experience with us.
Even before your session or event we start prepping... have some cool poses or pictures in mind? Text them to us or better yet start a pinterest board with us and we will do our best to get all of them for you. We want you to leave our shoots feeling fantastic, the best pictures come when you are having a good time and thats our goal.

Give us a call... it's time we're friends.
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